Certification courses that provides competences for professional use of the test tools

The certification courses provides a foundation for the test tools’ optimal integration in the organisation’s strategic and daily processes within areas such as recruitment, leadership, development and optimisation.

Relevant theories are introduced during the lectures, however the primary focus is on practical use and the achievement of results. The lectures during the certification courses are typically adapted to blended learning – a learning method that uses a combination of different learning environments and -methods, such as blackboard teaching, e-learning, self-studies, workshops, tests, quiz’, etc. 

To ensure that you gain maximally from your participation on the certification courses, we strive to challenge you both professionally and personally. We hope, that you through curiosity and ambition challenge us to fulfill your expectations and reach your goals. 

The Certification Academy gives you the possibility to work with your learning and the application of the test tools. Here you can plan your education and sign up for courses. You can use the Certification Academy as reference work and as a user community with focus on experience-exchanges and debates with other users regarding professional topics.